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We helped create a data driven email campaign in which a customer celebrates his anniversary with through various happy moments.


Not so long ago customers still received a relatively simple celebration mailing containing just a message and a coupon code as a gift, congratulating them with their years as a valued customer. We embraced this opportunity and took it to the next level: the customer is taken on a trip down memory lane, reliving memorable moments which happened during this period.


Creating happy moments

At first we had to assemble all the data we already had on the customer. Data such as their most purchased items, their prefered time of day to make purchases and the amount of products that had already been delivered to their address. We would use these to mark special or memorable points on the timeline.


a personal story for 6 million customers

By combining all of these facts we created a journey through a diary with a handcrafted look-and-feel. A campaign that, to this day, truly stands out. As a customer you are taken on a trip through time, a journey based on personal data, loyalty and historical facts. It had to feel like it was written by a personal friend. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive.


Bringing the story to life

When we knew what kind of personal data and historical facts we had available, we designed it all into one storyline, unique for each customer. When viewed, the customer is first greeted by an animated book flipping open, introducing the customer to the start of the story. Scrolling down the customer is taken on their personalized journey. We implemented the latest in next-level email technology to realize this: HTML5 video, GIF animations and a responsive design.


awesome awards



  • +25% conversion
  • +40% revenue
  • 81% gave positive feedback
  • award winning campaign

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