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    Redesign webshop.
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We created a whole new e-commerce strategy and connected all the different channels, to create an effortless customer journey.

creating the brand.

There is a lot of added value hidden between different channels. And to use this potential you have to connect those channels together. An important factor was the cultural change Koopjedeal wanted to make through. The goal was to transform from a daily bargain provider to a branded webshop.

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The starting point is to determine the baseline. The target is simple: where do we stand now? To answer this question, we conduct a code quality analysis and make an inventory of how all channels perform separately. Without a good baseline you cannot determine your progress later on.

optimizing business foundations.

We have optimized the business foundations, such as: customer service, fulfillment and the internal processes. This way we can guarantee that the service levels are respected. After all, it makes no sense to generate traffic without guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

developing the platform.

We do all the Magento development for Koopjedeal. This allows us to expand the platform time and time again with new technical ingenuity. Before coming to gracious the webshop was crippled by frequent and longlasting outages but by architecting a new deployment platform the webshop was stabilized and response times were greatly improved.

creating a redesign.

We have carried out a redesign to make it possible for the customer to place an order quickly and easily. We have gone through all processes extensively for this. This allowed us to optimize the conversion and improve the user experience. We do this through customer surveys and test panels.

cross-channel marketing strategy.

The channels were coordinated to create a healthy marketing mix. Channels that we use to achieve optimal results are: television, newspaper, display, social media and email. By thinking in a cross-medial way, we created synergy between the different channels.

building an awesome brand.

The vast majority of Koopjedeal sales consist of recurring product sales. These are generally products with recurring deals and lend themselves very well for marketing automation. If you have purchased a consumable item, you will automatically receive an e-mail to complete the inventory. This way you always have a reason to return to the webshop. That is the main reason why we can constantly optimize the customer journey. Now that everything is up and running, we work day after day to build a awesome brand.

To communicate the message uniformly across multiple channels, a brand book could not be left behind. We also focused on personalization via the webshop and email marketing, so that we can feel even closer to the customer. With a person like ‘Ilse’ who is always close and know the customer, we can determine what is the right channel and the right time to communicate. Relevant communication can ensure that the customer is satisfied. More than even satisfied!

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  • From 3.9 million to more than 30 million in less than 3 years
  • NPS score increased by 40 points
  • Average order value doubled
  • More than 2 million orders processed

design team.

We don't design for you or your organization. We design for your end users!

Artan Recica
Sr. Digital Project Manager
Pepijn Blom
Back-end Engineer
Suraj Sanchit
Uri Glibota
Teamlead Marketing
Zoë Brugman
Visual Experience Designer

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