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    Most Wanted.
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    Rebranding the digital identity & online strategy.
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    Magento 2.0 webshop, Rebranding, Marketing strategy.

How do you empower your target audience in a digital experience? Most Wanted offers affordable fashion inspired by the latest trends of major brands. We created a brand-new-fashion-experience that raised Most Wanted to a higher level.

creating the brand.

Most Wanted offers affordable fashion inspired by the latest. We created a Magento 2 platform that inspires and guide buyers with advice from social influencers and influences of major brands.

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brand identity.

We designed a brand identity that is elegant yet approachable. We relied on a minimalistic mark to convey a haute couture concept for an affordable brand. This style conveys the minimalistic aspect that embodies Most Wanted’s identity and sets it apart from competitors. A supporting word mark was also designed where the full logotype is necessary, like signing or branded content.

the goal.

The goal was to let Most Wanted grow at a healthy rate. They were ready for the next step as gracious stepped in as a strategic partner to grow an outstanding fashion brand with a sustainable webshop and fitting branding. We helped Most Wanted grow to new heights.


The target group consists of young girls with a feel for fashion. Most wanted is an attractive way to stay fashionable and on trend with affordable fashion items. We created a brand new fashion-experience with a clean, minimalistic feel combined with influencer marketing to boost traffic and conversion.


At gracious we believe in sustainable relationships when it comes to our customers. We always think a step ahead and challenged Most Wanted with daring concepts and new techniques that’ll help them inspire their customers.


We started with influencer and e-mail marketing, sending personal and relevant messages from Most Wanted to all social media followers and newsletter subscribers. Gracious' advice on moments and contact techniques were invaluable to Most Wanted.

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building the brand.

We designed a brand new fashion experience that balances a clean, minimalistic feel with an energetic vibe.

magento 2.

With our expertise in Magento 2 we built an interactive home which felt real and full of life. Our design and development teams worked in close co-operation to build the Most Wanted website.

cloud hosting.

The site was previously hosted on two dedicated servers which could not handle sudden spikes in traffic. We migrated the platform to cloud hosting and a scalable cluster.


Due to the upgrade to Magento 2 it became possible to implement extensive automated testing. This paved the way to enabling continuous deployment.

Most Wanted Architecture


  • First Magento 2 fashion shop
  • Load-balanced cluster
  • POS system integration
  • Online and offline stores combined seamlessly

multidisciplinary team.

We don't design for you or your organization. We design for your end users!

Suraj Sanchit
Pepijn Blom
Back-end Developer
Uri Glibota
Commercial Director
Yuraymar Stewart
Front-end Developer

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