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We had the pleasure of working with OptInsight, a company that provides technology solutions for personal data management. A collaboration that involved a full rebranding of their company and website, but also creating engaging content like white papers and factsheets, that is tailored to their target audience.


It all started with 3 ambitious men; Martijn, Michel and Tjeerd. They spoke about their experiences in the working field, the growth opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry and the digital shift in the business world. All looking at cases from different perspectives due to their background. Their conversations never stopped. In 2018 OptInsight was born. The name comes from opt-in and gaining insights with the data permission from those opt-ins. We have Michel to thank for this brilliant name.


what do they do?

OptInsight is a secure and trustworthy multi-channel personal data and e-consent management hub for pharmaceutical companies. They collect, manage and integrate HCP data. Their ready to use, compatible solution saves time and offers instant clarity regarding opt-in and opt-out administration.

The Challenge


Their previous branding did not align with modern trends and failed to convey a recognizable image. To achieve the objectives, it was crucial to commence the process of rebranding.


We designed a new Wordpress website that was in line with the company's values. We allowed our creativity to flourish to ensure that the design was a seamless fit.


We provide content for OptInsight. Our team writes informative and engaging factsheets and white papers that are tailored to the company's target audience. These materials are published on Optinsight’s website to provide valuable information to their visitors. We also promote these materials on their social media accounts, particularly on LinkedIn, to increase their reach and engagement with their followers.


Golden Circle.


We simplify personal data and believe in secure communication. Our goal is to bridge pharmaceutical companies, HCPs, and patients, building trust, security and clarity in a digital world.


We grasp the interests of all parties involved and deliver relevance to our clients. As a result, we excel in digital contexts, quickly providing a comprehensive and coherent multi-channel solution to address potential needs. We get it done.


We're a secure multi-channel data hub for pharmaceutical companies, offering clarity on opt-in and opt-out administration. We're also developing a healthcare provider hub to improve patient care through data exchange.


visual identity.



After many iterations the new OptInsight logo was born; - The logo that we designed for OptInsight features an eye, which represents clarity, insights and privacy; it reflects the company's forward-thinking vision.  - The dynamic design conveys OptInsight's agility, while the visual bridge or portal signifies their role in connecting the different parties. - Our motion designer added the finishing touch by bringing the logo to life.



Prior to selecting the colours, we analysed the brand values of the company. Subsequently, we conducted research to identify the colours that would be in perfect alignment with the company. 



The typefaces were given great attention to detail, ensuring that even the tiniest aspects were perfected. The classic design symbols were reimagined drawing inspiration from geometry and modernism. Additionally, the accompanying glyphs and symbols offer endless creative possibilities. All of this provides a strong foundation for the OptInsight brand, one that will stand the test of time.



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Dillen Verschoor
Visual Experience Designer
Chloé van der Wel
Content & Campaign Producer
Frank Licht
CRO Specialist
Chiara Riberti
Graphic & Motion Designer

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