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what we do.

We are gracious, previously known as Gracious Studios. We have more than ten years of experience in the digital industry. We excel at creating, building and promoting awesome brands, in other words create synergy between the disciplines design, development and marketing.

full service digital agency.

We work in multi-disciplinary teams to create digital success for your brand.

our history.

You may know us as ‘Gracious Studios’. Since 2018 we have decided to continue under the name ‘gracious’. Considering our growth ambitions and in view of internationalization this is the moment to attach a new name to our vision of ‘building awesome brands’. Our approach does not change, the customer remains central as we have done for over 10 years. We are characterized by our love for our work, since the beginning we are artisans and we continue to develop ourselves for the better.

Stijn Mollink
Online Advertisement Specialist
Alper Balasar
Q/A Tester
Aya Amairi
Teamlead Performance Marketing
Bertalan Zoltán Varga
Front-End Developer

Our culture.

Gracious is more than a successful award winning digital agency. We want to stick to our roots, and our roots are firmly planted in the idea that business should be conducted with the following ethical principles; be honest, reliable, personal, close and of course gracious but not as a supplier, more as a partner. We love what we do, that is not only because of the awesome brands which let our our creativity run wild, but that is also because of our awesome employees. We stand for an open corporate culture where you can be you. When you enter our gracious family, you will see all sorts of diversity.

Chesney Buitendijk
Front-End Developer
Chiara Riberti
Graphic & Motion Designer
Chloé van der Wel
Content & Campaign Producer
Danielle van Herk
Sr. Online Advertising Specialist
Danique Rustveld
Content & Campaign Producer
Dharinee Choubisa
Back-End Developer
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Dillen Verschoor
Visual Experience Designer
Eileen de Groot
Happiness Officer
Frank Licht
CRO Specialist
Freek van der Heijden
Business Analyst
Let’s grab a cup of coffee.
Jim van der Veen
Front-end Developer
Jonathan Kabuta
Front-End Developer
Jordi Jonkergouw
Front-end Developer
Josipa Petrov
Visual Experience Designer
Keanu Kho
Visual Experience Designer
Kim Sumac de Jong
Community Builder
Mehmet Yavuz
Visual Experience Designer
Mounir Amlal
Operations Director
Nizar Amlal
Q/A Tester
Oussama Laghmouchi
Project manager
Pepijn Blom
Back-end Developer
Ronald Nouse
Content & Campaign Producer
Sabah Ghanmi
Head of People & Culture
Sabrina Nettekoven
Campaign Developer
Sam Taal
Front-end Developer
Sander Verheij
Account Director
Stephanie Kuipers
Visual Experience Designer
Suraj Sanchit
Thijs Luxemburg
Project Manager
Uri Glibota
Commercial Director
Yuraymar Stewart
Front-end Developer
Zakaria Amlal

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gracious not only as a supplier, but as a partner.

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