never leave your garden again.

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    Creative garden-campaign 'never leave your garden again'.
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    Interactive landing page and personalized e-mails.

'How do we get people to move and make something out of their garden?", that was the question KARWEI asked us. With the campaign 'never leave your garden again' the outdoorspace had to change from something functional to aspiritional. In coöperation with KARWEI we've created an interactive and personalized campaignflow to achieve that.

the challenge & purpose.

People tent to give about their garden, balcony or rooftop. Yet they don't want to spend the money, time of effort to create and maintain such an outdoorspace. How do we get people to move to make something out of it? The campaing is a follow up of a promotion campaign (leadgeneration).


our process.

First we always check out the objective and then we come up with a catchy idea to wich we can achieve that objective. We like to create a win-win situation that makes both the customer as the end user happy. We work out three different kind of concets: a traditional concept, a challenging concept and a rebellious concep. with the last we go completely crazy and beyond borders, so we can show what is possible to our customers.

double diamond.

To figure out what ideas are best to achieve the goal we've create our own variant of the 'double diamond cycle'. This is basicly a structured designing approach to tackle certain challenges in four fases; discover, research, diverging and converging. Finaly this will get us 3 'big ideas' wich we share with passion to our client.


We eleborate these 3 'big ideas' into design directions. In a design direction the idea is roughly visualized and the sense of the concept conveyed. the draft guidelines can be categorized into 3 groups; conservative, challenging and rebellious.

final idea.

KARWEI ultimately opted for the conservative concept of "your personal stylist". Everyone gets assigned their own "personal" stylist who is linked to his / her chosen garden style. A total of 7 garden styles can be distinguished.


By collecting data from the lead generation of KARWEI and data that is enriched via an interactive landing page, e-mails are sent from the stylist in different phases with constructive advice to eventually create a dream garden, balcony or roof terrace.



After the campaign flow is clear and approved by the customer, we can start designing. In the design, the atmosphere of every garden style has been extended based on the accompanying photography. This makes the subscriber feel completely in his or her chosen garden style.

interactieve landingspagina.

As a follow-up to the lead generation, subscribers could leave extra data on an interactive landing page. By means of an e-mail in which the stylist introduces herself through a chat, she announces that there are still some additional questions for the subscriber. On the landing page you get the feeling that you can chat with your stylist. The subscriber can answer additional questions in an interactive way so that the stylist can give an even more personal advice in the follow-up emails.

126 personalized e-mails.

We started designing the emails with the collected data. The most important data ensured that a total of 126 different e-mails were created in which several variables were possible consisting of an introduction, preview, basis, furniture, accessories and tip e-mail. In every e-mail the stylist returns in a chat, in which she tells what advice she has for the subscriber. In addition to the personalized, 6 non-personalized e-mails have also been created for subscribers who did not participate in the lead generation.


All e-mails are filled with various atmospheric images, products and content that matches the garden style and type of garden. All variables have been mapped out through an extensive overview of all content. In addition, all assets are correctly named and a script has been written to load the right content with the right assets.

10.738 assets.

As indicated earlier, 56 personalized + 7 non-personalized emails have been created. In order to be able to realize these 63 e-mails with the associated variables, innovative elements and fallback variants, 10,738 assets were ultimately needed.



In terms of technology, the amount of variants and variables in combination with the innovative elements such as a chat function, layering of images and css animations have also been a challenge. Especially to ensure that everyone in all possible clients would receive a working e-mail.

our process visualised.


chat function.

Every email that has been created uses a chat function. Through this chat function the stylist communicates as it were with the consumer. You will receive an introduction to what you can expect in the email. In addition, there is another chat at the bottom of the email with what the consumer can expect next.


css animation & fallback variations.

In de header en in de footer zijn kleine animaties toegevoegd, dit door middel van het laten bewegen van de bladeren. Daarnaast zijn er product-sliders toegevoegd voor bepaalde uitgelichte producten waar de gebruiker doorheen kan klikken. Voor bepaalde elementen zoals de animaties, slider en de chat-functie zijn fall-back varianten gemaakt zodat dit ook werkt in bijvoorbeeld Outlook op Windows of in Gmail, deze ondersteunen namelijk geen animaties en interactie elementen. Voor de gradient verloop die gebruikt wordt in de chat is een fall-back functie gecreëerd zodat het gehele woord dezelfde achtergrondkleur heeft.



To be sure that all variations and all elements work in the emails that are sent, testing is of great importance, we did this by using Email On Acid and by using it on different devices, browsers testing to see if everything works.



  • 69.063 participants
  • 23.398 new leads
  • 48.16% average open-rate
  • 25.86% average CTR

multidisciplinary team.

We don't design for you or your organization. We design for your end users!

Artan Recica
Sr. Digital Project Manager
Sabrina Nettekoven
Campaign Developer
Suraj Sanchit
Yuraymar Stewart
Front-end Engineer
Zoë Brugman
Sr. Visual Experience Designer

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