A love story by Hunkemöller.

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    Reactivation email campaign.
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    Personalized and automated emails.

5 million active members across Europe. We were able to contribute to this goal by creating an email reactivation campaign. But how do you do that? We started by sifting through all the data, used that to set up personalization and designed and developed a creative email campaign to transform as many inactive members to active Hunkemöller members as possible!

the challenge.

Increasing the amount of active members in your database doesn't always mean you have to look outside your existing database. Often your database largely consists of sleeping or inactive members. The challenge lies mainly in how to encourage these inactive members to make a purchase again. For Hunkemöller we tackled this challenge with a personalized email campaign.

a love story.

The campaign is surprising and innovative, but still fits in well with the identity of Hunkemöller. Thanks to the personal story that is told in the email, the recipient is triggered to continue reading. The campaign tells a love story between the customer and Hunkemoller and we bring the 'relationship from then' back to the present. We have opted for a Valentine mood impression in which we pay tribute to women and her sexy shapes.

combining technology.

We used the latest email techniques to get the desired attention from inactive members. In the campaign we use CSS-only techniques, various animated elements and as icing on the cake: Cortex. This is a tool from our partner Selligent that allows us to predict the 'next-best-move' based on order history, which we compare with 'look-a-like' products. In this way, we spend the incentive on a relevant offer that is optimized based on an algorithm.

a personalized story.

The “love story” has been translated into an email campaign consisting of three emails. Each email tells a piece of the story and contains personalized products, content and information. The idea behind this is that we can address the customer's memories, such as which store you visited first, your first purchase, your clothing size and your sexy shape.

one story, three emails.


When we fell in love.

The first mail we've created is all about how the love once started. We go back to the customer's first purchase, the first store they visited, and their favorite product category. In addition, this email also provides information about the changes at Hunkemoller and uses 'wisdom of the crowd' data. With a special discount code and giveaway, the recipient is triggered to make a purchase.

check out the first email here.


A love letter.

If the inactive members haven't made a purchase after the first mailing, they will receive a second email. This email is literally a love letter. It's about a letter which describes that it's not about the ideal (public) image, but about a confident self-image. After all, there is nothing as sexy as self-confidence! The letter is animated and rolls out after opening. The email is inspiring and informative, and therefore contains no products.

Check out the second email here.


Let's redo our first date.

The third and last email is aimed at starting to "date" again, as a reference to a love relationship. First, Hunkemöller tells some facts about herself to show why you need to enter into a relationship with Hunkemöller again. The collections are shown and popular products are highlighted. The mailing also contains three personal recommendations based on previous purchases using Cortex.

Check out the third email here.

multidisciplinary team.

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