never leave your garden again.

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    Creative garden-campaign 'never leave your garden again'.
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    Interactive landing page and personalized e-mails.

KARWEI approached us with a question: 'How do we motivate people to make something of their garden?". The 'never leave your garden again' campaign aimed to change the outdoor space from something functional to aspiritional. In coöperation with KARWEI we've created an interactive and personalized campaign flow to achieve that.

the challenge & purpose.

People tend to care about their garden, balcony or rooftop. However they don't want to spend the money, time, or effort to create and maintain such an outdoor space. How do we get people to act, and to make something out of it? The campaign is a follow up of a promotion campaign (lead generation).

our process.

First we always examine the objective and try to come up with a catchy idea which can help us achieve that. We aim to create a win-win situation that makes both our - and their customers happy. We develop three different concepts: a traditional concept, a challenging concept, and a rebellious concept. With the latter we like to go completely crazy and outside of the box, so we can demonstrate the full extent of the concepts to our customers.

double diamond.

To determine what ideas are most suited to achieve the goal we've created our own variant of the 'double diamond cycle'. This is basically a structured design approach to tackle challenges in four phases: discover, research, diverging, and converging. Finally this will get us 3 'big ideas' which we share, with passion, to our client.


We elaborate these 3 'big ideas' into design directions. In a design direction the idea is roughly visualized and the sense of the concept conveyed. The draft guidelines can be categorized into 3 groups: conservative, challenging and rebellious.

final idea.

KARWEI ultimately opted for the conservative concept of "your personal stylist". With a total of 7 different garden styles on offer. Everyone is assigned their own "personal" stylist, linked to their chosen style, to help further personalise and perfect their garden.


By collecting lead generation data from KARWEI and enriched data via an interactive landing page, emails are sent from the stylists in different phases with constructive advice to eventually create a dream garden, balcony or roof terrace.

creating the design.

After the campaign flow is clear and approved by the customer, we can start designing. In the design, the atmosphere of every garden style has been extended based on the accompanying photography. This makes the subscriber feel completely present in their chosen garden style.

interactive landing page.

As a followup to the lead generation, subscribers could leave extra data on an interactive landing page. The stylist introduces herself through a chat invitation via email, she announces that there are still some additional questions for the subscriber. You can chat with your stylist on the landing page, where you can also answer additional questions in an interactive way so that the stylist can give better personalised advice in follow up emails.

126 personalized emails.

We started designing the emails with collected data. Following the most important data we ended up creating 126 different variations on emails consisting of an introduction, preview, basis, furniture, accessories and tips. In each email the stylist returns in a chat, in which she advises the subscriber based on previously gathered information. 6 additional non-personalized emails have also been created for subscribers who did not participate in the lead generation.

the contentsheet.

All emails are filled with various atmospheric images, products and content that matches the garden style and type. All variables have been mapped out through an extensive overview of all content. In addition, all assets are named and a script has been written to load the correct content with the associated assets.

10.738 assets.

As previously indicated, 56 personalized + 6 non-personalized emails have been created. In order to be able to realize these 63 emails with the associated variables, innovative elements and fallback variants, 10.738 assets were ultimately needed.

building the emails.

In terms of technology, the amount of variants and variables in combination with the innovative elements such as a chat function, layering of images and css animations has also been a challenge. Especially to ensure that everyone would receive a working email, regardless of the software they were using to manage emails.


chat function

Every email that has been created uses a chat function. Through this chat function the stylist communicates as though it was with the customer in person. You will receive an introduction detailing what you can expect in the email. In addition, there is another chat at the bottom of the email containing what the consumer can expect in future emails.


css animation & fallback variations

Small animations have been added in the header and footer which make the leaves move, creating a living, breathing page. In addition, product sliders have been added for specific featured products that the user can click through. For certain elements such as animations, slider and the chat function, fall-back variants have been made so that it also works in Outlook, on Windows or in Gmail, since these clients don’t support animations and interactive elements. A fall-back function has been created for the gradient used in the chat so that the entire word has the same background color.


testing the emails

To be sure that all variations and all elements work in the emails that are sent, testing was of great importance, we did this by using Email On Acid and testing on different devices and browsers to see if everything works in every system, to ensure a seamless experience.


  • 69.063 participants
  • 23.398 new leads
  • 48.16% average open-rate
  • 25.86% average CTR

multidisciplinary team.

We don't design for you or your organization. We design for your end users!

Suraj Sanchit
Yuraymar Stewart
Sabrina Nettekoven
Jordi Jonkergouw
Mounir Amlal

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