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Making a B2B service accessible for a wider audience. Achieved by a complete rebranding, new product photography and website overhaul. Mr.Fillet now offers a tastier life by making their hand filleted chicken easily available. Chicken that is cleaner, fresher and tastier because of attention and which is delivered the same day.

the challenge.


The branding was not contemporary and represented an unrecognizable identity. In order to be able to pursue the goals, it was important to initiate the re-branding process.


In order to realize the goals, the e-commerce platform had to be tackled. In addition to the redesign, the tech landscape must also be prepared for the future in order to realize the goals.


To create a truly immersive experience for the end-user we redesigned the complete packaging. Inside & outside.


Beautiful products should be presented the best way. Our content team worked on created high-class product photography we can use across the website and social media.

icon language.

We created a custom icon language in a various range of sizes to be used across different mediums. Small 16px/24px icons for web use and larger 64px icons for web and branding use.

For the products of Mr.Fillet we created custom 3D line drawings to highlight the different products across. The shape is always combined with the product image.


the logo.

After many iterations the new Mr.Fillet logo was born.

  • The sharp edges on the letters show the power & robustness of the brand, but are also symbol for the craft of filleting.
  • The imperfect circle showing handwork, craftmanship & personality. The strong letter-bases are the foundation of the experience of the brand.
  • Together with some playful, rounded letter-ends which show the friendliness and craft of the brand.

development tools

creating a next-level webshop.



After receiving all the requirements from the client we started with the functional design, a high-fidelity prototype was created to ensure all the necessary pages are created and the best UX best-practices were used. After approval on this the visual design was realised based on this functional design and the new branding.



A brand needs visuals. In this case we used the power of product photography with an allover food photography layer. We wanted to communicate mr.Fillet in a simple, sturdy and tasty way. Quite the challenge with raw chicken, but we made it work. We’ve kept the focus on the products and with a sub-focus on atmosphere we achieved a clear visual language.



Magento, a leader in headless e-commerce, was used to providing full support to the suite of functionality requred to create a custom headless approach. A custom headless e-commerce approach was chosen in order to provide an unique shopping experience to the customers where they would be able to create their own bundles. Storyblock was implemented in order to manage the content of the application and is maintained by marketeers and content managers.



  • Full service project
  • Headless solution
  • Product photography
  • New packaging for all products

multidisciplinary team.

We don't design for you or your organization. We design for your end users!

Dillen Verschoor
Visual Experience Designer
Ronald Nouse
Content & Campaign Producer
Yuraymar Stewart
Front-end Developer
Sander Verheij
Account Director
Chloé van der Wel
Content & Campaign Producer
Jordi Jonkergouw
Front-end Developer

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