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How we applied an effective branding and marketing strategy combined with a next level website to generate quality leads. Creating the ultimate customer experience in same & next day delivery. For a B2C and B2B audience.

the challenge.

Develop an effective branding and marketing strategy in which we achieve the short- and medium-term targets and also strengthen Trunkrs' positioning within both the e-commerce landscape as well as among consumers.


Developing a strategic plan where we focus on bringing in new customers and strengthening the consumer brand. Amplified with a refreshed brand identity, next-level web experience and targeted marketing.

strategy plan.


brand identity.

The visual branding for Trunkrs was already pretty solid. We did some refining of the logo and colors, added a font and custom visual elements to strengthen the brand. Making it overal more viable for different mediums.

web experience.

The next challenge was to create a next level web experience suited for a b2b and b2c audience. Different target groups with different goals, we achieved this goal by mixing the content in a healthy way and splitting the main navigation two ways.


With ongoing marketing efforts we’re actively generating quality leads for Trunkrs. The focus in the marketing strategy is on how we first identify the target group and then approach it in an efficient and effective way and then convert.

building the brand.

We designed a brand new fashion experience that balances a clean, minimalistic feel with an energetic vibe.

magento 2.

With our expertise in Magento 2 we built an interactive home which felt real and full of life. Our design and development teams worked in close co-operation to build the Most Wanted website.

cloud hosting.

The site was previously hosted on two dedicated servers which could not handle sudden spikes in traffic. We migrated the platform to cloud hosting and a scalable cluster.


Due to the upgrade to Magento 2 it became possible to implement extensive automated testing. This paved the way to enabling continuous deployment.


  • First Magento 2 fashion shop
  • Load-balanced cluster
  • POS system integration
  • Online and offline stores combined seamlessly

multidisciplinary team.

We don't design for you or your organization. We design for your end users!

Jordi Jonkergouw
Jim van der Veen
Dillen Verschoor
Frank Licht
Mounir Amlal
Aya Amairi

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