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In just four months' time; a complete rebranding, a next-level website, and a campaign commercial. That's impressive, or as we say: imPRAZive! Discover how Muscle Meals transformed into PRAZ; the sports brand that completes every lifestyle with tasty and diverse meals.

The Real Challenge

The real challenge lay in finding a new name. How do you express such a brand in just one word? A word that needs to be original, catchy, concise, available, and internationally usable... Luckily, we have brainstorming techniques for that, and the word "give up" is not in the gracious dictionary.

After almost two weeks of brainstorming sessions, contemplations, and sleepless nights, we finally got it: "PRAZ - Feed Your Lifestyle." The word PRAZ comes from the English word PRESS, and it shares the same pronunciation and meaning. It's about constantly challenging yourself for your ultimate lifestyle. In other words: PRAZ BOUNDARIES.

Visual Identity

After this, it was up to our designers to create the visual identity: logo, variations, colors, design language, photography, iconography, and mock-ups. It was important that the transition from Muscle Meals to PRAZ wouldn't be too drastic. The current Muscle Meals audience should still be able to identify with PRAZ. Even though PRAZ caters to a broader audience: from top athletes to career climbers, and from family-oriented individuals to all-around enthusiasts.

We opted for a wordmark where each letter has a refined finish. This symbolizes how we want to shape our ultimate body and life. An ongoing process, which is why the logo is italicized, illustrating constant movement. This sense of motion is also reflected in the accompanying design language. In terms of colors, we struck a balance between the toughness of Muscle Meals, the freshness of meals, and the broader approach to sports and health.


For the development of the PRAZ website, we used a powerful combination of technologies to ensure optimal performance and personalized user experiences. As a front-end framework, we chose Next.js for its efficient server-side rendering and fast loading times. This ensures a smooth user experience and minimizes waiting time for our customers. To ensure the website remains fast for every user, we implemented Varnish cache. This caches frequently used queries, so a second user doesn't need to retrieve all the data again. This leads to significantly improved loading times and efficient use of server resources.

For a personalized shopping experience, we integrated Squeezely. Using advanced algorithms and click behavior data, we can offer users a personalized product offering closely aligned with their interests and needs. This results in increased engagement and conversions, as our customers are provided with relevant and appealing offers. Furthermore, we used Magento 2 as our e-commerce platform due to its extensive functionality and flexibility. This allows us to effectively manage our product catalog and provide a seamless and secure online shopping experience for our customers. With these combined technologies and smart strategies, the PRAZ website remains a frontrunner in the industry, offering our customers a fast, personalized, and user-friendly platform to discover and order their favorite sports meals.

Campagne commercial

For the campaign commercial, we went back to the drawing board. What's it all about? What are we doing it for? The answer is simple: our ultimate lifestyle. We all have that fire for it. Some people exercise to become the best version of themselves, others to stay focused on their careers, some to maintain flexibility for their impulsive lifestyle, and others to stay as vital as possible for their families.

This story was crafted in-house by our creatives, after which we searched for a suitable video production partner to bring it to life. And boy, did we find one. A magical co-creation between gracious and Article Concepts emerged, and the results speak for themselves.

What’s next?.

Achieving a complete rebranding, a next-level website, and a campaign commercial in just four months is imPRAZive. But that's not where it ends. Over the next few months, Gracious will focus on rolling out a new full-service strategy, with PRAZ making its international debut. Because if there's one thing we do at Gracious, it's PRAZ BOUNDARIES! Watch the commercial below and remember: Be you. Be imPRAZive.

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