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    Headless e-commerce platform.
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    Magento headless multilingual webshop.

Unlock the ultimate shopping experience with Vogel's. Our strategic shift to the B2C market, paired with a headless storefront and GraphQL technology, delivers seamless shopping journeys and reinforces brand awareness. Discover the future of shopping with Vogel's.


Vogel’s is a company which was created by Harry Vogels in 1973. He was determined to create the ultimate sound experience for his jazz music. He created his first wall brackets for speakers and extended his passion to wall brackets after this. Vogel’s is now a known brand for their TV accessories, they always want to deliver the best quality for their customers. That's why they use high-quality materials and make sure their products are tested to 3 or 5 times their maximum weight.



Vogel’s wanted an upgrade of their current platform and move closer to the Magento core, getting rid of countless 3rd party modules which were no longer maintained. The fact they were abandoned meant they never received upgrades and were no longer compatible with newer Magento version and were written for older versions of PHP.


The challenge of upgrading the e-commerce platform of the amazing brand Vogel’s to the next level by:

  • Improve the speed of the website
  • Performance improvements of various imports/exports
  • Decrease technical debt
  • Speed up ability to perform future upgrades
  • Use new technologies such as NextJS and GraphQL
  • Improve scalability
  • Decrease costs



Headless e-commerce

To decouple the front-end from Magento and facilitate easy upgrades we decided to build the new website using NextJS and connecting it to Magento using GraphQL. This separates the presentation layer from the business layer, creating a more flexible and agile web shop. Furthermore a caching layer has been realized between their e-commerce platform and their new front- end, so that most of the data is immediately available to the user.



Considering they were using a heavily modified version of Bluefoot which got abandoned by Magento we chose to move to something which will stay supported and also offers many of the same features they were used to. We analyzed multiple headless CMS solutions and chose to go with Storyblok. The storefront seamlessly merges data from Magento and Storyblok into one page. All the components can be reused on any page and be filled with product or category information.



By separating the presentation layer and the business layer, it was possible to create a solution which solved many of the issues Vogel’s was experiencing with their old platform. At least 60 modules were deleted and replaced by just a few microservices. All the services were moved to Google Kubernetes Engine and costs were cut in half. The website and microservices now autoscale themselves based on load and can scale independently from each other.



  • The website is easier maintainable
  • Faster
  • The goal of website stayed the same but way more improved
  • 17 languages are being supported
  • Store locator
  • Flatscreenfitter

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Sam Taal
Front-end Developer
Jim van der Veen
Front-end Developer
Chesney Buitendijk
Front-End Developer
Pepijn Blom
Back-end Developer
Dillen Verschoor
Visual Experience Designer
Jordi Jonkergouw
Front-end Developer
Thijs Luxemburg
Project Manager
Mounir Amlal
Operations Director

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