promoting brands.

We strive to be in contact with the brand and the customer, because we would like to know you better as a customer. We listen to your dreams, wishes and your goals. We are responding to that by creating awesome campaigns.

the power of communication.

Promoting awesome brands, that’s what we are good at! For making a brand awesome you need a lot of insights of your focus group. It is not what you do, it is what you know about your focus group that makes your brand relevant.

Every step in the customer journey needs to meet the expectations of your customer. Gracious is here to make the customer journey lead to the experience of an awesome brand by communicating at the right time trough the right channel.

the power of creativity...

We start with analyzing the channels and content you use to activate your customers. Then we map the opportunities we can make use of to optimize the customer journey, from A to Z. This results in a cross channel strategy where we take different devices into account.

By giving creativity free rein we create distinctive campaigns that inspire.

Our marketing process...

Customer contact moments contribute to the collection of valuable data about your customers. This data can then be used to relevantly communicate with the customer each step of the customer journey. A strategy is formed in which the customer is the focus point and communication is not bound to a single channel, taking his or her environment into account. This way customer expectation can be determined. By focusing on optimization of this process we are able to then surpass these expectations.

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Our services.

We transform brands through the following three overarching disciplines.

we put your customer first.

  • Lead Generation
  • Data Enrichment
  • Cross Channel Strategy
  • Creative Content
  • Communication plan

we optimize customer contact moments.

  • Experiences & Engagement Strategy
  • Marketing Automation Flows
  • Building Awesome E-mail Templates
  • Innovative E-mail Techniques
  • Immersive Experiences

we make your customer love the brand.

  • A/B-testing scenarios
  • Analyzing Customer Data
  • Give Meaning To Data
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Segment Data
  • Personalize Communication

creative cases.

Most Wanted
We designed a brand-new fashion-experience that balances a clean, minimalistic feel with an energetic vibe. It raised Most Wanted to a new level. Watch case

marketing team.

We make relevant communication on the basis of customer data happen with an exceptional customer experience!

Uri Glibota
Teamlead Marketing
Koen van der Wal
Digital marketeer
Kityi Leung
Digital marketeer
Karlijn Bakker
Project Manager
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